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The LaPerm Cat Club is a small and friendly club that is for anyone who is interested in LaPerm cats. It provides advice and support for LaPerm owners, welfare support, breeding and showing advice, regular newsletters, a specialist club show, a breeders list and information about available kittens and LaPerms in need of re-homing. We are dedicated to promoting and preserving this very rare and special breed.

The club has played a vital role in the establishment and development of the LaPerm in the UK. The club was formed in 2004, two years after the first LaPerms were brought to the UK, by a group of enthusiastic supporters of the breed, including owners, breeders and exhibitors. In October 2007 the club became affiliated to the GCCF and in June 2008 successfully completed the first stage of progression moving up to Provisional Status. In June 2012 the breed finally achieved full championship recognition and LaPerms started to gain show titles. The club would like to thank all of the breeders and owners of the cats that helped and continue to help us establish this wonderful breed.

Although the club is based in the UK, we also have a strong international membership and welcome members from all over the world and working in any registry.

Please contact us by email to find out how you can join the club.

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